What is this world coming to? Or perhaps a better question is, where is it going? The world, and specifically our country, is in great turmoil. Political parties are dividing us. We have more debt than we can repay. Since the last election, people have taken to the streets in rebellion. Rather than taking space to enumerate our many problems, I want to focus on the answer. The answer? If the brightest of our leaders can't seem to find answers to our negative challenges, how can there be a simple answer?

Religions are not the answer. There are only a few major religions but there are thousands of others, all leading to confusion, doubt, frustration and hell.

The simplistic answer to the problems of mankind is to develop a relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ. According to the Bible in Rom. 3:23, we (everyone) are sinners. What? According to Mark 7:21-23, all evil comes from the inside of man. When anyone gets into trouble of any kind, it has come from his thoughts and desires, from the inside. The real trouble comes when we act upon those wrongful thoughts and desires. The Bible says that it is alright to get angry as long as there is no negative followup. It's those inside thoughts and ideas put into action that created the Hitlers and the Putins, the school shooters, the terrorists, the greedy and arrogant and the immoral. Mankind knows right from wrong (Rom 1:18-20). The remedy for all these sins is to repent in prayer that the Lord will show us mercy and that He will forgive us of all our wrong-doings and turn from them. Simple? Yes. Easy?