The Phillips County Quorum Court approved an Ordinance to extend the 2018 budget, approved the request by County Sheriff Neal Byrd for two new full-time employees, and County Judge Clark Hall gave an update on the County Detention project Tuesday, December 11, 2018.

Phillips County Sheriff Neal Byrd presented a request to the Quorum to hire one full-time dispatcher and one full time clerk to meet the immediate needs of the department. Sheriff Byrd stated in his request, that these positions are already a part of their budget. Quorum Court members approved Byrd’s request.

Quorum Court members also approved an Ordinance authorizing the elected officials of Phillips County to incur, approve and pay necessary expenditures to perform county government operations and functions through midnight March 12, 2019, in the amount appropriated and for the purposes approved in the 2018 budget of Phillips County, as amended; and for other purposes.

This action is necessary due to the fact that the Phillips County Quorum Court has not adopted the annual budget for calendar year 2019.