Burglar alarm sounds at Smith Insurance

Helena-West Helena Police Officer Tarbin Henderson was dispatched to Smith Insurance at 420 Porter in Helena, for an alarm Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

Officer Henderson stated he could hear the alarm sounding as he arrived on scene. Henderson, who approached from the south side of the building, observed the glass on the north side door cracked as he shined his flash light through the door, and ran around the building to investigate.

On the north side of the building, Henderson could see the bottom part of the glass had been broken and pushed inward, with a hole big enough for a person to fit through. He also noticed, the electric meter box had been off the north wall and used to break the glass.

Henderson called for another unit to come and help clear the building.

Officer Adams and the key holder Joann Smith arrived on scene.

Mrs. Smith unlocked the door for Officers Henderson and Adams to clear the building.

The suspect had opened the desk drawer, located in the center of the room, and took the cash drawer with an estimated $50.00 in change. The cash drawer was left near the north door.

Officers photographed the scene. This case remains under investigation.


Breaking or Entering at 805 Cleburne Street

Helena-West Helena Police Officers were dispatched to the area of Cleburne in reference to a break in that had happened Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

A caller had advised that someone had broken into the Woodruff School and left in an older model Buick with several dents. The caller reported that her son had observed three white males going into and out of one of the school windows.

Officers Cynthia Gamble and Cadet Nathaniel Banks arrive on scene and could see that the owner, Mr. Jones, was on the south side of the building on Ninth Street aiming his weapon and pointing for us to go to the back of the building. Mr. Jones stated that the vehicle took off and that two white males were inside the gate. Mr. Jones stated they had on coveralls.

Officer Gamble advised Officer Tyner to respond to the location with K-9 Officer Joker.

Once they arrived with Cadet Kelson Franklin to cover the outside of the building, Mr. Jones, and Officers Banks, Gamble, Tyner Franklin and K-9 Joker entered the school yard area and began clearing the rooms and ground area.

During the search, several doors were locked and the officers could not make entry. Officer cleared the unlocked buildings.

During the search, officers found clothing, that was identified as belonging to the white males, near the library area on the west side of the building.

Also found near the fence area was electrical cord, and copper that was placed in an area to pick up.

Once officers finished clearing the building rooms, that were available, Mr. Jones was allowed to come and do a walk through with officers. Mr. Jones was told to do a statement if anything else was discovered missing.