City Council members vote to give themselves $850 incentive bonus,
ignoring the financial condition of the city.

The Helena-West Helena City Council approved a motion by John Huff, seconded by Wanda Crockett, to pay an $850 incentive bonus for full time city employees with over 90 days on the job, and $425 for part time workers who meet the work time requirements, despite being informed that the city is over $250,000 in debt and putting bills off as it is, on a six yes, three abstain, with one absent vote Tuesday, December 11, 2018.

Mayor Jay Hollowell and City Treasurer Derrick Turner explained to the Council members the financial position the city is in. Explaining as day to day emergencies and expenditures arise, some bills have had to be put back to meet those expenditures. Sometimes as long as five or six months. Turner repeatedly told the members an incentive bonus for employees, including the Council members themselves, is not in the budget. The same conversation that has come up every year since 2015.

Ignoring this information, City Council members approved the motion with six yes votes.

More information on this story will be available in the Friday, December 14 edition of the Helena-West Helena World.