"It is with much sadness that I announce today the resignation of Police Chief Patrick Smith and Helena-West Helena Water Department General manager, Jack Ross. These two Department Managers have done an outstanding job and will be difficult to replace.


Police Chief Patrick Smith’s resignation is effective 12-14-18. Water Department General Manager Jack Ross’ resignation is effective 12-21-18.


When I hired Police Chief Patrick Smith he told me then that he was a loyal person and that if I ever left office, that he would also leave the City. I had no idea that he was going to take that stance after the recent election. I was totally shocked when he tendered his resignation and tried without success to get him to reconsider his decision. The Chief mentioned in his resignation letter that he had several things that he wanted to pursue in his personal life. I know that he mentioned to me that he wanted to grow his Security business and possibly was going to further his education.


I want to sincerely thank him for his service to his hometown and wish him luck in pursuit of these personal plans. He has done an outstanding job as Chief and it is a loss for Helena-West Helena with his resignation. He leaves some tough shoes to fill.
Jack Ross also felt that this was the time that he needed to make a change in his employment. Jack too is a dedicated and very capable Water Department Manager. He too wanted to make the change with a change in Administration with the City.


He is going to officially retire and I wish him well in his decision. He had led the Department through some trying times and has laid the ground work for continued growth and improvement in the Water Department and has been instrumental in truly consolidating the East and West Side operations. That has been my goal since becoming Mayor.


I immediately started working on interim replacements for these two vacancies and will have an announcement in the near future addressing these positions."