There are many new faces on the ballots of this year’s election.  Among the newest candidates is Krystal Johnson, who will be running for the Helena-West Helena City Treasurer position.

Krystal Johnson has been a resident of the city of Helena-West Helena almost all of her life.  She is the daughter of Pastor Kim and Lady Barbara Smith, granddaughter of Superintendent Alex James and Clinton Jean Smith, and Lillie Mae Johnson.

Johnson has served in many capacities in several school districts and youth development organizations in the area.  She is mostly known for her strong work ethic and her love and passion for working with young people.

I hope you are looking for a candidate who is fully invested into her community, doing all that is in her power to be apart of the solution our community needs.  Her mission is to use her skills, knowledge, and passions to empower others to become contributing members of this great community.  In the capacity of city treasurer, she plans to not only be present, but to also bring the spirit of excellence and integrity to the office.

Let your voice be heard and vote in this year’s election on November 6.  Early voting starts on October 22.  Vote Krystal Johnson for City Treasurer.