Disgust, frustration and rage are a few of the emotions that the staff and volunteers of the Humane Society of the Delta feel after an incident over the weekend.

For the second time in just over a week the HSD was the target of malicious mischief by intruders. Again several dogs were let out of their pens and provoked to fight. Five dogs were injured, though none had to be hospitalized.

The first incident happened early the morning of October 11. One dog, Rubio, was seriously hurt, and although making improvements, is still in the hospital.

Most of the support for HSD these days is coming from outside Phillips County. The outpouring of support for HSD from around the country has been overwhelming. Their story has been shared on television, in newspapers and on social media. Animal right groups have been in touch with local authorities and law enforcement. A contractor from Russellville has come to help with renovations to the buildings and a security company has offered their services. People are donating money to help with Rubio’s medical bills, in addition to providing supplies and services.

The amount of support can be misleading. The needs at the shelter are never-ending. With over 300 dogs/puppies, there is a constant need for food, toys, bedding, medicine, kennels, etc.

The Phillips County Sheriff’s office is investigating both incidents.