Eric Paul Martin of Helena has announced that he is running for the Helena-West Helena City Council, Ward 1 Position 1 in this November, 2018 election. 

He is the son of former Helena-West Helena city councilman the late Bobby Martin former Helena School District educator his mother Dorothy Martin.

He was born May 30, 1970 and graduated Central High School 1988. He attended Phillips Community College and Arkansas State University. He is a veteran serving in the United States Navy and served in Desert Storm. 

He is a member of Pettis Memorial CME Church and serves on the Steward board. He is married to Cloteal Donaby Martin and has 5 children and 1 granddaughter. He is employed at Sol-Fuels U.S.A.

Eric feels because of the failures of the current leadership including the city council who are out of touch with the people and have no solution or vision for the city, the city is in dire straits and stagnant. 

Eric says that government is for the people and by the people.  He says it was reprehensible the city council, for their own selfish reasons, voting to overthrow the majority 62% of voters voting to reduce the city council.  It will be understandable if voters fire all of them this election. In our democracy you should not defy the people. 

Eric says he is running after prayer and encouragement from friends who thinks he can be a good councilman and help move the city forward. He believes that Helena-West Helena can be a great city but in order for that to happen two things must come into play and those two things are the healing of the divide in the city and the citizens must make wholesale changes by voting in new good competent leaders who will listen to "we the people".  Eric says the many problems the city is faced with can be solved. We can fix our crime problem and depressed economy.

If elected Eric says he will listen to and hear the voice of the people, his boss. He says he will work hard to be creative in coming up with solutions for the many city problems. His vision is to make Helena-West Helena great again... a nice, safe, clean place to live. 

Eric says that the incumbents have had their 4 years and have failed. You cannot keep voting the same people in office and expecting a change. Please, make a change and give him an opportunity to move the city forward by voting for him.