One new-home permit won approval from the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association on Oct. 1.
Jay Allen will build a home at 1 Orense Way. It will be have a red brick exterior and have 1,850 square feet of living space, plus an air conditioned garage area, member Dan Dilieto told the ACC.
Other permits approved Oct. 1, listed by address and permit type include:
• 23 Santona Way, room addition
• 3 Camello Lane, storage building, on condition of removing the old storage building.
• 28 Oro Way, deck addition,
• 8 El Ejido Lane, cut three pine trees and plant three trees. Two of the pine trees are forked, and the third is close to the home.
• 7 Alina Lane, storage building. Shingles and paint must match the home.
• 16 Jubilieo Lane, deck addition.
• 81 Empinado Way, enclose deck
A sun room at 29 Encantado Way needs an electrical permit.
Several fence requests were placed on hold until last Thursday. Members discussed whether fences should go on utility right-of-way setback lines or property lines.
Village developer Cooper Communities Inc. has a 7.5-foot utility easement on the side of each lot. ACC chairman John Froning told the committee the developer has said it is willing to consider and grant requests for fences on its right-of-way, with the understanding the fence may have to be removed for access, and then may be be re-installed.
ACC members questioned how well the section beyond a fence will be maintained by owners if fences are not on property lines.
In other business, members viewed photos of banners at the temporary building at Balboa Marina.
Noting that a building may have only one sign, ACC members agreed only one banner should be displayed at a time.
The clock is running on the mobile home serving as the temporary marina building after fire destroyed the marina March 30.
POA director of placemaking and development Stephanie Heffer said a letter would be sent to the marina reminding it that the temporary building must be gone within one year of its installation, or when a new building is built, whichever comes first.