Helena-West Helena Arkansas, Mayor Jay Hollowell announced that he will seek re-election for a second term as Mayor of Helena-West Helena. “It’s awe-inspiring, being able to serve the community that I grew up in and have called ‘home’ all my life,” the Mayor said. “I’m excited about the work that we have accomplished and accept the overwhelming challenges that we have faced”.

Hollowell began serving on the Helena City Council in 1991. From the beginning, he was elected to serve on the Helena-West Helena City Council when the two cities merged. He served 23 over years prior to becoming Mayor. “It takes experience to deal properly with Municipal issues…..there is NO training ground, state or national level of government, to totally prepare a Mayor to serve the people that he or she encounters on a daily basis with their everyday problems”.

Besides politics, Hollowell has been actively involved in the community in a number of other areas. He is past president of the Phillips County Chamber of Commerce, past President of the board of trustees of Helena Regional Medical Center, past president of the Helena Rotary Club, past president of the DeSoto School Board, past president and treasurer of the West Helena Promotional Association and past president of St. Mary’s Catholic Church Pastoral Council. Past member of the Phillips County Community Foundation.

Currently, Hollowell is president of Insurance Plus LLC. He has been in the insurance business for over 37 years and has been a certified insurance counselor for over 25 years. He has served numerous terms on the Independent Insurance Agents of Arkansas Board of Directors and also has served as it Governmental Affairs chairman.

As Mayor of Helena-West Helena he currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Mississippi Rivers and Towns Initiative.

“In seeking re-election to the the office of mayor, I am focused on continuing to deal with the crime issue and economic development of our area,” commented Hollowell. “We are making strides in the crime problem and we are in a much better position in regards to attracting businesses, but my first term has faced challenges. This first term has faced inherited problems from previous administrations and lawsuits, through which we have expended thousands of city dollars to settle these disputes, however, we have continued to make forward progress and I commit my second term to moving past these challenges.”

Hollowell, a native of Phillips County and graduate of the University of Arkansas is the son of the late J.V. and Mary Ruth Hollowell. He has one son, Tripp. Tripp and his wife, Katie, currently reside in Rogers, with their two sons, Davis and Hughes.

“I have always been a leader in most all organizations or efforts that that I have been involved in the community or business. I have always wanted to make a difference in our community since I first entered community service over 27 years ago when I was first elected to office as Alderman of Helena. It has always been for me about setting goals for a greater community and to serve our citizens. It is constantly my hope that through my service, I can assist in building a better, safer, fairer, more just society. And that task, whether it is as Mayor working to protect our citizens; fighting the criminal element that plaques our community; whether it is working for economic development or being concerned with environmental challenges or historical preservation -- those challenges, and our ability to carry on our work and continue to exhibit how this community can be better, are the most important ways in which, I feel, we will triumph in our struggles. We are on the cusp of many positive changes for Helena-West Helena. After re-election I will continue to work for our community as Mayor and I humbly ask for your vote and continued support.” Hollowell concluded.