Elaine, AR. - Mark Gregory Jackson, a native of South Phillips County now living in Little Rock, recently returned to his home town where he was born and raised to motivate an attentive group of adults and young people to profit from his mistakes. Jackson urged the crowd to always be willing to take and accept responsibility for their action, notwithstanding the consequences.

Jackson emphasized that he has enjoyed some great successes, but has also made some mistakes and experienced some disappointments. “Through it all, I take full responsibilities for my actions,” Jackson explained.

On July 25, 2018, Jackson along with others, admitted in Federal Court that his firm acted improperly in the buying of and selling of Federal Surplus Property prematurely.

In the spirit of giving back, Jackson offered to work with local think-tank groups to assist the community where he grew up and went to school. Jackson said he is committed to working together to create jobs and economic opportunities. Jackson explained that there was even a possibility of recruiting some industry to Elaine as he once did in Marianna, Arkansas.

“Government-assistance programs have made it increasingly difficult for employers to find skilled labor, but local people desiring to improve themselves economically were encouraged to learn a trade so that they can be competitive and job-ready once opportunity presents itself.

“Together we can stand on our own and rise above poverty”, he said at the Elaine Community Center of Waves of Prayer, a non profit organization whose goal is to rid the area of poverty.

During the fellowship meal after he spoke, Jackson addressed a number of requests that Waves of Prayer form a task force to work with Jackson to use his vision for economic growth in search of a better quality of life for the Elaine and surrounding communities.

Jackson is also passionate about speaking to youth groups in other communities who have veered off the path to encourage them to acknowledge and learn from his mistakes and their mistakes, stay away from drugs, seek gainful employment, and find ways to initiate strategies that will benefit their communities.

Jackson praised Waves of Prayer for its goal of rooting out poverty and said he believes that the mission of the organization is a shot in the arm for the community. “I hope the community will collectively rally behind and support the initiative. It is possible!” he said.

For information on having Jackson speak to a nonprofit or educational group call Waves of Prayer, 870-816-6798.