Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, City Treasurer Derrick Turner announced that he will seek re-election for a second term as City Treasurer. “I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience during my first term as Treasurer with regards to municipal finance and accounting and also, with overall city operations,” the Treasurer said. “It’s been an honor to serve the community where I grew up.”

Turner is a graduate of the University of Arkansas where he majored in Finance. He is also pursuing an accounting degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with the hope of one day attaining a CPA license. “I never stop trying to better myself. I am always looking for ways to help myself better understand and perform my job as Treasurer”.

The Treasurer is also currently the only elected official in the City of Helena-West Helena to have achieved the designation of Certified Municipal Official from the Arkansas Municipal League.

“If the citizens are gracious enough to allow me to serve a second term, one of my main goals is to try to build a surplus over the next four years to provide a cushion for unexpected expenditures like the situation at York Street,” stated Turner. “If we can take care of our equipment and vehicles, we can reduce our debt service if we don’t need to make new purchases when we are finished paying for them. I am currently in the process of preparing next year’s budget with these things in mind and I’m not only looking at next years expenditures but looking at the City’s goals and issues that need to be addressed in future years as well.”

“I want to continue to do things to help improve the City’s financial health and image. Things like continuing to reduce the number of audit findings and continuing to provide the city council with accurate and dependable monthly financial reports so that they can make informed decisions are some of the ways to accomplish this,” the Treasurer said. “Our City is continuing to move forward and I would like to be a part of that. As Treasurer, I ask for the community’s continued support and vote on November 6th,” Turner concluded.