Hot Springs Village police served a felony warrant and received theft reports, scam reports, dog complaints, worked several wrecks and made a number of welfare checks.

Sept. 18
A Tomino Way resident reported the theft of two gazing balls, with stands, and a brass sundial from his yard. Loss: $210.
A Chevrolet pickup and a Ford car collided at the stop sign on Estrella Way at Mazarron Drive when the pickup driver backed up to allow a large utility truck to turn left onto Estrella. The car had $600 damage.
A Villager said her ex-husband has been sending text messages in violation of a no-contact order, and may have left cigarette butts in her driveway.
A parked car on Nacozari Lane received $500 damage, including blue paint marks on the front right bumper and front right fender. The other vehicle also damaged an Entergy Arkansas street light, and left the scene.
A white Dodge SUV did not stop for West Gate staff.
A 15-year-old dachshund received bite injuries from a large mastiff or pit bull mixed-breed dog on the large-dog side of DeSoto Dog Park on Sept. 14. The dachshund’s owner, who was also walking a young large dog, told the hesitant owner of the other large dog it was OK to enter. The small dog started barking like crazy, the report said, but settled down and everything seemed OK. The second owner threw a tennis ball for his dog, and it brought it back, then bit the dachshund for no apparent reason. Both owners were apologetic. The owner of the large dog was told it must be quarantined 10 days, and have no contact with other dogs in the meantime.
An officer returned two loose dogs back into a gate on Tai Circle, and notified the dogs’ owner of the Garland County leash and noise laws.
A white car was reportedly driving erratically at high speed on DeSoto Boulevard near Carmona Road.

Sept. 19
An injured deer laying partially in Cortez Road near Romero Lane got up and ran off when an officer approached.
A Cato Lane resident said someone took two items from her carport: a three-step wooden stepladder that belonged to her mother, as well as an eight-inch red fire hydrant lawn ornament.
A black Cadillac Escalade reportedly has parked briefly a number of times on a vacant Valedero Lane cul-de-sac, then leaves, followed by a maroon Dodge Ram pickup, at various times in the day and night.
A constable told police a deer received extensive injuries on Balearic Road just east of Danville Gate. It died at the scene.
A motorist told police he ran into a guardrail on DeSoto Boulevard near West Villena, after his tire blew out. The report did not describe the vehicle. Damage: $7,000
A Villager said someone fraudulently charged “Bose OCG” to her credit card and had a package delivered to another address. The package had the victim’s cell phone number, so another Villager called the complainant to say her package had arrived and she could pick it up.
A Villager told police someone called and said her granddaughter from Tulsa, Okla., was jailed in Utah, and needed $9,800 cash for bail. The grandparent called and learned her granddaughter was safe in Tulsa.
A tan SUV reportedly was driven erratically on DeSoto. A similar, unrelated complaint was made on a truck pulling a trailer with a four-wheeler.
A Gava Lane man said he would turn the music down, but turned it up after an officer left, and was then given a copy of the Garland County noise ordinance and warned he could be cited. The man said he would go inside and attempt to sleep.

Sept. 20
A bicyclist said a pit-bull terrier had approached and barked on Viscara Circle. Police determined it was a boxer, which did not bark when they entered the yard to investigate. It was wearing an wireless fence collar.
Roofers moved vehicles partially blocking South Badalona Drive.
A complainant said a large truck ran over railroad landscaping ties and moved a basketball goal so it could navigate the Alamito Lane cul-de-sac. An officer determined the railroad ties and basketball goal were on common property, and no offense had occurred.
A Montserrat Lane owner said several items were taken from his home: 100-foot garden hose and caddy, concrete pad, 10 to 12 decorative solar lights, chair, small table, electric blower, orange extension cord, and various sconces and rope lights. Loss: $150.
A suspicious vehicle was reported on Orilla Lane.
A white Nissan Rogue with Georgia plates damaged Glazier Peau Gate, and left the scene.

Sept. 21
A complainant reported hearing a woman verbally abusing and cursing someone, possibly an elderly man, in the Palma Lane area, but police were unable to locate anyone yelling or cursing.
The driver of a white Honda SUV with Texas plates who did not stop at the West Gate was told he must enter the left lane and allow staff to check the date on the pass.
The driver of a white Chevrolet Camaro admitted tailgating in Glazier Peau Gate, but said she would use her gate card in the future.
Two vehicles hydroplaned and ran off the road in separate incidents. One had no damage; they other had minor bumper damage.

Sept. 22
An officer moved a downed tree in the road at Balearic Road and Levantino Drive.
A Cervia Lane resident said someone entered his home and moved items. Officers walked around the exterior and found nothing amiss. Police offered to walk with him through his home, but the complainant refused to have more than one officer accompany him inside, finally telling police he did not need their help.
A red Chevrolet pickup did not stop at the West Gate.
Officers served a felony Saline County second-degree forgery warrant on Marsha Nicholson, 50, Rocoso Drive. She was taken to Saline County Jail.

Sept. 23
An officer went to a family disturbance on Destino Way.
A black SUV with Tennessee plates ran the West Gate.
Someone reportedly entered an unlocked car on Pyrenees Circle and took an air compressor, POA card and other items.
A motorist in a westbound 2007 Mazda on DeSoto ran off and hit a tree. Damage: $10,000.
A Sombrecamba Lane man was picked up on a misdemeanor Saline County failure-to-appear warrant
Two dogs found on Valencia Lane were taken to the animal shelter.
Six ceramic gnomes and one ceramic frog were taken from a Segovia Drive yard. Loss: $140.
An officer moved a dead tree from Vecilla Lane.

Sept. 24
A Villager said someone sent a fraudulent $17,500 check to buy a $14,000 Harley-Davidson.
A Villager said someone took a large amount of cash from his vehicle in the last three or four weeks.
A deer collided with a 2013 Nissan Altima on Cortez Road. Damage: $700.
A Pego Circle resident told police a man was walking down the street holding a rifle, but an officer determined he was carrying a large black-and-red umbrella.
A Villager said someone took cash from his vehicle between Sept. 20 and 5 p.m. Sept. 21.
A Villager feared jury paperwork he received by email was a scam. An officer verified it was official, but told the man he could wait on his paper packet.
An officer kept the peace on Herencia Circle, where a man gave a former employer equipment without incident.
A Montserrat Lane resident said several yard items were taken, including five solar lights, a potted plant and decorative frog. Loss: $60.
A Villager said someone hit her vehicle while it was parked at a Questo Circle estate sale. Damage: $1,500.

Sept. 25
A vehicle hit a Ponce de Leon Lane mailbox. Damage: $75.
A Lejos Lane resident said someone might have taken a black Bobcat Beretta .22 semi-auto pistol from his vehicle a month earlier. He initially thought it was misplaced, and did not immediately report it.
An injured goose was limping at Balearic and Jardinero Drive, but the injury did not appear to be life threatening.
An officer moved a felled tree on Propio Way.
A Porrino Lane resident said someone broke into her home and took more than $2,600-worth of items, including two Emerson TVs and an LG TV, a security system and a Sanyo surround sound system, and knocked over and spilled a paint can. The complainant later called police and said her ex-girlfriend, who no longer lives at the home, called and said she broke in and took the items. The ex-girlfriend had called a day earlier asking for more money, the complainant said.
A silver Honda reportedly was driven erratically on DeSoto, near Villacarriedo.
A gray GMC Terrain ran the West Gate.

Sept. 26
An officer moved a tree from Balboa Way, near Justa Via Way.