All suspects charged with a crime and named in Police Reports in the Helena-West Helena World printed or online editions, are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

08/30/2018 Howard, Dusty theft of $1000 or less & a warrant

08/30/2018 Henry, Mack theft of $1000 or less

08/30/2018 Riley, Willie Lee theft of property $1000 (shoplifting)

08/30/2018 Pugh, Olivia Lee warrant

08/31/2018 Hands, Marquise leaving the scene of accident

09/01/2018 Kemp, Onika Lashaye disorderly conduct & 3rd degree battery

09/01/2018 Robinson, Dewayne T driving on suspended license, no seat belt, & warrant

09/01/2018 Gschwend, Kimberly N driving on suspended license, no seat belt, & warrant

09/01/2018 Harvey, Seneca warrant

09/03/2018 Davis, Michael L. carrying a weapon & possession of meth or cocaine LT 2GM

09/03/2018 Robinson, Darelle warrant

09/03/2018 Dixon, Corbin R. 3rd degree domestic battering & aggravated assault

09/03/2018 Mooney, Glendale disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, theft of property, 3rd degree battery

09/05/2018 Taylor, Jordan disorderly conduct

09/05/2018 Eaton, Kenneth warrant

09/05/2018 Davis, Michael theft of vehicle valued at less than $25,000, but greater than $5000

09/05/2018 Hill, John warrant

09/05/2018 Webster, Thomas criminal trespass & theft of $1000 or less

09/05/2018 Sayles, Oscar Charles aggravated robbery