James Haynes announces his candidacy for Phillips County Sheriff and Tax Collector.


James Haynes announces his candidacy for Phillips County Sheriff and Tax Collector.

Haynes is a life long Phillips County resident with 30 years Law Enforcement experience. He was assigned to be the Resource Officer at Barton for a while. Haynes is a 1970 Elaine High School graduate, and a 1971-1975 U.S. Air Force Veteran.

Haynes has an Association of Arts Degree and an Association of Law Enforcement Degree from PCCUA. He graduated from the Law Enforcement Academy in October of 1988.

“Let’s get Phillips County back to basic law enforcement,” says Haynes. “What the people deserve and what the people need.”

“I’ve had some pretty good people come and talk to me about running,” said Haynes. “For some reason, they’re not satisfied with what’s happening. I understand there are some parts of the county they really don’t get any attention. They call the Sheriff’s Office and no one shows up.”

“Just little things like that,” said Haynes. “I worked with Sheriff Byrd for I guess 10 years and I have nothing against him, but I think, as far as the Sheriff’s Office, it needs to be on better ground and needs more. People need to dress as professionals, and be seen as professionals.”

“I will be responsible for the new jail employees,” says Haynes. “Judge Clark Hall is responsible for the buildings.”

“If elected, I will announce in the newspaper and get some people that are qualified to run that jail,” said Haynes. “Arkansas State Statutes says its destruction of government property, to tear up a jail. People who damage the jail while in jail, will be charged and pay for the damages.”

“The citizens have paid for this jail, the one that is no longer in service, and they are fixing to pay for this new one,” says Hanyes. “Why should we keep paying for jails, on and on. Let’s put a stop to it.”

Vote for James Haynes for Sheriff and Tax Collector November 6, 2018.