Helena-West Helena Police Officer Takiyah Walker was dispatched to 305 Valley Drive, the Helena-West Helena Schools Administration building to take a theft of property report Thursday, August 30, 2018.

Officer Walker met with HWH Interim Superintendent Linda English, who state there is property missing from the Eliza Miller building and that Mr. Orlando Moore could tell the officer more about the situation. Mr. Moore stated high end computer hardware was taken from a room in the ALE building at Eliza Miller School. He also told Officer Walker, he stored the items in the storage at Eliza Miller, once the down hill portion of Central High School was torn down around May or June, 2018.

Mr. Moore stated, he went to retrieve an item from the room at Eliza Miller and noticed all the equipment he stored in the room was missing. Moore stated he immediately contacted the Interim Superintendent Linda English, who immediately contacted the police. Ms. English made several calls to different people who may have access to the room.

Items listed as missing are valued at about $57,500.

The General Investigation Bureau of the Helena-West Helena Police Department is investigating this case.