As a newspaper, owned by the largest media company in the county, we are obligated to report on everything we can that happens in this community, good or bad. The only way to change that is for local law enforcement, city officials and so forth to solve their issues. It is not the fault of the newspaper for the issues people are forced to deal with in Phillips County.

That's truth.

After doing this for over 40 years, I report what's happening, both good and bad. That's balanced, honest journalism. I will not bend my ethics to knowingly present anything to the community, except the facts, whatever they are.

I work extremely hard to report facts, what's happening, the many good things, events and so on, but also the crime, which is less than 2% of the paper's content.

Our newspaper content is almost 100% local coverage, which is rare these days, with limited to almost no staff of reporters to send to the many events, meetings, gatherings and so forth that we enjoyed in years past. 

I appreciate everything the community submits to me for publication.

Our Forum page, Editorial if you will, is the opinion of the authors of the columns on that page. They are not fact checked, usually not investigative journalism, but are the authors thoughts and opinions on whatever they wish to write about. These columns are printed at the Editor’s discretion. If anyone has any questions about anything printed in the Helena-West Helena World, they need to come see me, not one of our staff members. Everything our small staff writes, crosses the Editor’s desk; my desk.

The Helena-West Helena World is a newspaper. We strive to promote our communities, however we are not here as strictly a promotional tool for Phillips County. We have an obligation to our readers and to the company that owns this publication to also be a watchdog.

It has been rumored that we may not be able to keep this newspaper going. Those rumors are not true. We, the Helena-West Helena World have been here, in one form or another, since since December 5, 1871 and we will be here, in one form or another, for as long as there is a Phillips County, Arkansas. This newspaper is a permanent fixture and part of the historic history of this amazing place we call our home on the Mississippi River, Helena-West Helena Arkansas.