The Arkansas Society United States Daughters of 1812 has petitioned the Secretary of State office, Arkansas Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission, to add 637 names to the existing War of 1812 Memorial Fountain located at the State Capitol.
The Commission met recently to hear two proposals, including the petition of U.S.D. 1812. Members of the Simon Bradford and Baseline Meridian chapters, as well as members of the General Society War of 1812 attended the meeting.  
Kay Tatum, Simon Bradford chapter president, presented the plan. Tatum explained all costs, estimated to be around $4,000, will be borne by the National Society U.S.D. 1812 as a gift to the Arkansas Society. There will be no cost to the state of Arkansas.
The Fountain, erected in 1917 by U.S.D. 1812, has the names of 56 War of 1812 veterans, buried in Arkansas, etched on the Fountain. U.S.D. 1812 members planted, picked and sold cotton in order to have the monument erected. With the advance of technology and genealogical websites such as, U.S.D. 1812 has discovered and verified the service of 637 additional early pioneers who fought in the War of 1812.
Following the War of 1812, many veterans were awarded land grants in Arkansas Territory. Two zinc plates, bearing the names of the 637, will be affixed to the Fountain.
U.S.D. 1812 is working to identify and verify the service of other veterans of the War of 1812 buried in Arkansas.
The Commission must give a final decision following a public hearing scheduled for Oct. 11, 2018.  The hearing will be held at the Arkansas Real Estate Commission, 612 South Summit St., Little Rock.
The other proposal was the addition of a Gold Star Family memorial monument. Public hearing for this monument was also scheduled for Oct. 11.
For information regarding  the Fountain, contact Kay Tatum at 501-529-3802.