After halting pursuit of a fleeing motorcyclist, Hot Springs Village police went to a Village home, where the rider was issued two citations. Also, Villagers reported problems with two moving company deliveries.

Aug. 10
Several vehicles were reportedly waiting to tailgate in Danville Gate.
A motorist at the Balearic stop sign pulled out in front of a northbound vehicle on Ponce de Leon Drive. He was cited for careless and prohibited driving. Damage: $1,500 and $2,000, and the oncoming vehicle was towed.
A motorist at the southbound stop sign on Ponce de Leon Drive pulled out in front an eastbound vehicle on DeSoto Boulevard. He was cited for careless and prohibited driving. Damage: $2,500 and $1,500, and the vehicle on Ponce de Leon was towed.
At different times, a white Nissan pickup with Texas plates, a brown Hyundai Tucson and a white Toyota SUV failed to stop at the West Gate. None were registered to a Villager.
POA employees reported dumped trash on Arosa Lane. The culprit had already been cited for dumping.
An officer assisted a Garland County Sheriff’s Department deputy at a traffic stop near the East Glazier Peau-Highway 7 intersection.
A golden retriever belonging to an Ochavo Way resident was loose on Coronado Golf Course. The owner told an officer it would not happen again.
An officer heard noise in the driveway when responding to a noise complaint at a Guadalajara Lane home, and told the tenant of the Garland County noise ordinance.

Aug. 11
Barking dogs were reported on Hartura Way, but all was quiet when an officer arrived.
A vehicle at a Jubileo Lane estate sale hit a mailbox.
A red Ford reportedly tailgated in Balboa Gate.
A black Ford Fusion failed to stop at the East Gate.
A motorcyclist clocked at 60 mph in a 45 mph zone on DeSoto Boulevard accelerated when a westbound patrol unit activated its blue lights. The motorcyclist passed three vehicles in a no-passing zone, and the officer opted not to pursue the bike because the rider had only committed misdemeanor offenses. With the help of a couple of other officers who had seen the motorcyclist, police went to a Jaguar Way home and found a bike that looked the same, and had a hot exhaust pipe. A man behind the residence first claimed to be merely walking through the house, but later admitted to accelerating and passing. He was cited for speeding and careless and prohibited driving.
A dog was reportedly barking on Magda Way.
An officer responded to the same Guadalajara Lane home where a noise compliant had been logged the day before. He heard no excessive noise, only laughter from behind the residence. The tenant said she would tell her family to keep it down, and it was the last night they had rented the home.
After a man told her he did not want to marry her, a woman at Los Lagos reportedly became upset and began yelling at the man, so he went outside. When he came back in the now ex-fiance resumed yelling and finally slapped him in the neck. Both sides said he did not retaliate. Both had been drinking alcohol. Another woman was holding the suspect down when police arrived. The man had a small cut on his cheek and a small cut underneath his eye, and Ali Louise Carris, 35, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, was arrested and charged with third-degree domestic battery, a Class A misdemeanor. She was taken to Garland County jail.

Aug. 12
A woman staying at a Banolas Lane home said she would leave. The report said she told police she has a prescription drug problem she is trying to break, and had also been consuming alcohol. Her friend had been letting her stay there because she had no place else to go. While leaving she asked an officer to call animal control because a dog has a serious disease and cannot walk; however, the dog was jumping around the home, barking and seemed to be walking fine. She put the dog on a leash, walked it to the vehicle and left.
A man reportedly put a young girl in a Nissan Altima trunk, but did not close it at Bank OZK. Before leaving both got in the car, and he drove south. Garland County Sheriff’s Department located the vehicle at the Highway 7 Walmart, and the girl was with her father and was not in danger.
A red Range Rover did not stop at the West Gate. It was not registered to a Villager.
Owners of a black Jeep parked on the wrong side of Belleza Lane was towed after its owners could not be located. It was 5 feet onto the road, the report said.

Aug. 13
A pedestrian said a husky-type dog was following her on Valls Lane.
A motorist who had been distracted by a motor home at the Balearic Road stop sign rear-ended a vehicle wating to turn into the POA administration building’s parking lot. The man was cited for careless and prohibited driving. Damage: $6,000 and $3,000.
A truck on DeSoto Boulevard was reportedly impeding traffic near DeSoto Courts.
A suspicious vehicle, possibly a small white car, has been reportedly parked in the Woodlands Presbyterian Church parking lot several times.
A brown BMW failed to stop at the West Gate.
Former Murcia Way residents reportedly left a black cat behind. It ran when an officer saw it, and animal control was notified.
After paying a company to move their items from a Florida home to move to the Village, a different moving company arrived on July 11 and demanded more money. A third company made the delivery on July 29, with many damaged items. A fireproof box with personal documents costing more than $1,380 to replace was missing. Other items valued an additional $1,400 were also missing.
A brown Toyota pickup reportedly tailgated in Balboa Gate.
Renters of a Suspiro Lane home were still present a day after they should have been gone. They were gone when police arrived, but reportedly removed a custom light fixture from the ceiling, leaving it on the ground, and removed and took a ceiling fan and light, as well as window blinds and coverings.

Aug. 14
An officer relocated a non-poisonous juvenile rat snake from a Valladolid Way yard.
A black sedan failed to stop at the West Gate.
Villagers told police a new neighbor has been inviting young children into his home without the parents or grandparents consent.
A Villager told police a gunsafe with three handguns, and an ASUS laptop computer, were missing when the moving van delivered items from a Missouri home. The moving company owner told police he is not allowed to transport firearms, and told the man so prior to the move.
A large man wearing camouflage and wearing a backpack reportedly walked into woods from Isabella Golf Course.
An RV with a visitor’s pass and an Alaska license plate reportedy parked at a Deposito Paseo business and plugged into power without permission.
Someone was reportedly standing near the road holding a candle in the area of San Fernando Road and Golado Lane.
An officer told a work crew at a new home being built on Hendaye Way of POA work hours. The call came at 8:46 p.m.
A red vehicle was reportedly operating erratically while westbound on DeSoto Boulevard, east of the Ponce de Leon Center.
An officer assisted Garland County Sheriff’s Department after a report of a suspicious person on Beaudry Circle.