The Balboa Golf Course Clubhouse was unlocked and residents welcomed to tour the longtime unused facility and review the POA management proposals for upgrading and renovation. Residents were also invited to write suggestions and comments concerning the property and post those dialogues for all to read before they are reviewed by an advisory committee headed by Stephanie Heffer, director of placemaking and development.
The Balboa building was built in 1987, with the restaurant opening in 1988. The building is a great deal larger than any of the other HSV clubs, boasting 20,912 square feet. By comparison, Cortez is 8,000 square feet, Granada 8,088, DeSoto 12,500, Ponce 3,880, Magellan 2,916, Coronado 1,800 and Isabella 2,500.
A geothermal open loop was installed in 2009 and modified to a closed loop in 2015.
The restaurant history began with management by the POA, followed by Marriott Food Service 1992-1995, Southern Food Service 1995-1996, and five independent operators from 1996 to 2013. The restaurant upstairs closed in 2013 and at present the POA maintains the bar only in the lower level.
Golf survey results were posted and left no doubt residents overwhelmingly rated Balboa track as the one most needing renovation and improvements. A detailed listing was posted concerning each hole on the course and proposed improvements. The course has not had significant improvements other than maintenance since it was opened in 1987. The irrigation system, drainage system, greens and cart paths are all original.
Residents posted their suggestions. Many comments included to not tear down the building. Other ideas included converting the facility to meeting rooms and perhaps relocation of many of the POA offices. Some notes included updating the kitchen and dining areas and finding a quality restaurateur to lease the facility. Suggestions also included converting the upper floor to rooms for rent, encouraging visitors to rent, play golf, enjoy lunch and light dinners in the bar area and experience entertainment. Numerous suggestions were made to clean the outside and inside of the building giving it a fresh appearance.
Heffer estimated 30 to 60 days for the committee to review suggestions made by residents and work out a plan that will be satisfactory to as many property owners as possible.