Cheryl Dunson, the broker/Realtor for Village Homes & Lands, says she’s excited to announce a new contractor into the Hot Springs Village Builder’s Guild: Jay Harrison, owner and operator of J.D. Harrison Construction.
Harrison is the third contractor abiding by the HSV Guild’s stringent standards.
Harrison and his heavy equipment beat the POA to the punch; his block foundation was already laid before last week’s groundbreaking. Harrison brought along his family for the event and voiced his excitement, “I have a passion for building homes.” Harrison laughed, “I’m excited to be working with all of you. With all these children I need to sell some homes.”
HSV chief executive office Lesley Nalley spoke directly to Harrison, “We want to welcome you to an elite group of builders.” Nalley touched on the HSV Guild’s work in protecting property values and helping to generate renewed interest and excitement in the Village.
Little Emma Braford addressed the assembly regarding her sole reason for attending, “I came to play in the dirt.”