Last week’s Monday meeting of the Hot Springs Village Property Owners' Association architectural control committee proved lengthy and complicated.
The Comprehensive Master Plan is generating a multitude of changes to the protective covenants and the changes are creating challenges.
Before officially opening the meeting, Larry Venable from the board member recruitment committee presented a power point presentation.
Venable’s committee is seeking Village residents interested in becoming property owner association board members.
Venable asked the committee to consider friends and acquaintances who would make good board candidates.
Forest Smith and Robert Finney, two HSV property owners, addressed the ACC regarding projects at their homes.
Smith proposes building a recreational vehicle garage and Finney wants to erect a split rail fence in his front yard. Both projects were left with the ACC for further review.
ACC vice chairman Art Oden read a statement into the minutes on behalf of ACC chairman John Froning who’s recuperating from knee replacement surgery.
Froning sent the following email to all ACC members, staff liaison Stephanie Heffer and property owner association board liaison Buddy Dixon.
“Everyone in light of the provision in our charter that allows us to only distribute minutes and reports to the committee and to the chief executive officer, we have struggled to interpret who is and who isn’t a member of our committee.
“Unfortunately our charter is not as clear as it could be or should be so I am sending this memo as chairman of the ACC to establish what our procedures will be from now until our charter can be clarified.
“The two liaisons, staff and board are to be considered nonvoting members of the ACC.
“The presence, council and assistance is vital to our success and they are entitled to receive all ACC correspondence, minutes and reports. Without this information they cannot be effective in their roles and the ACC would suffer.
“I ask that this memo be read into the next ACC minutes, incorporated into the chairman’s report so there is a formal written record of this directive.
“Thanks to everyone for your time and effort you so willingly offer to Hot Springs Village.”
A majority of the usual permit requests were approved; three fences, a 1,000 pound buried propane tank, eight deck, patio and step permits were authorized. Seven new home permits drew positive responses, bringing the total to 49 for the year.
A request for a boat dock and landscaping at 24 Caribe Lane drew considerable conversation.
The dock was given the go ahead with the clarification not to exceed 28 feet from the seawall. However, the landscaping plan included the removal of eight pine trees and one oak.
The ACC recommended skimming the trees to enhance the view rather than cutting them down.
The committee referred to page 22, article 5.9.2. A. iv. In the new protective covenants. (The location, species and size of all existing trees six inches or more DBH to be designated preserved trees and the outline of all tree masses and shrub masses to be preserved, including corresponding critical root zones and areas being preserved.)
A carport enclosure request at 3 Noya Circle got turned down for two reasons.
The first, the family wants to convert the single carport into living space, however the ceiling finished height in the renovation is only 7.5 feet which doesn’t meet standards. Secondly, the project eliminates their covered parking. New covenants state on page 61. 10.4.1 “Single family residential units in T2 and T3 must have a minimum of two parking spaces per unit, located within a garage.”
The HSV ACC meets the first and third Monday and Thursday of each month at 8:30 a.m. in the Coronado Community Center. The public is encouraged and invited to attend.