Sunday, August 12, 2018 the Helena-West Helena Police Department received a call, at 6:43 a.m., from a male, who called the police and stated that he had killed someone, and that he was about to commit suicide. He stated that he was in the area of the River Park.

“Officers responded in less than 15 minutes,” said HWH Police Chief Patrick Smith. “Once on the scene they didn’t see anything.”

“I was notified and contacted the Sheriff’s Department, Helena-West Helena Fire Department and the Arkansas Game and Fish,” stated Chief Smith.

The Arkansas Game and Fish has a sophisticated piece of equipment on their boats, along with the Fire Department’s boat to locate any image under the water. They were able to locate something. “A couple of images came up that appeared to be a car,” said Smith. “Later, with the help of the Fire Department and the Game and Fish we were able to pull that vehicle out.”

Witnesses told authorities they saw an unusual white car speeding by while they were fishing.

Two individuals were found inside the vehicle, according to the HWH Police and the Phillips County Sheriff’s Departments but there has not been any notification to the family at this time, Monday, August 13 at 8 a.m.

“We do know that it was two individuals that were pulled out of the vehicle,” said Chief Smith. “They are deceased. The vehicle was relinquished over to the County Sheriff’s Department who is spearheading the investigation.”

“The initial call came through the Helena-West Helena Police Department due to the fact that, that river area is considered the county and basically it’s in their jurisdiction. We are assisting them with anything that they need to help close this investigation. This is a bad thing for the community, bad for both sides to lose a loved one and our condolences go out both families.”