In reference to a breaking and entering call, Helena-West Helena Police Officer Janelle Tyner was dispatched to the Wilson Law Firm, located at 521 Plaza in West Helena on Sunday, July 26, 2018.

Upon arrival, Officer Tyner spoke with the law firm’s paralegal who reported that when he arrived at the office at 10 a.m. he found the back door kicked in again.

The door had previously been required by nailing 2x4’s up to re-enforce the door. The boards and door frame were damaged again.

Paperwork was again scattered throughout the offices and a Kenmore microwave was taken from the kitchen area and a red HP laptop, purchased within the past couple of days to replace the one that was stolen previously.

GIB was notified. Detective Nelson took photos of the scene.

The law firm’s paralegal told Officers as he was arriving at the office, he noticed a tall, slim, black male wearing a black hoodie pulled over his face and black jeans with wording on them walking around the area of the office.

There are no firearms on the premises, according to the report.