Booneville Police Chief Al Brown tendered his resignation last week. He is taking an investigator position with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

Brown, who has been with the BPD for almost 16 years, with almost the last decade being in his current position, said last week he is not leaving due to anything other than being tired of being the chief.

“The turth is I was planning on doing this at the end of the year anyway,” said Brown. “It’s got nothing to do with anything anyone has done, said or anything like that. I’ve been the chief for right at 10 years and I’m just worn out with it.”

Brown said the stress associated with the job has had been contemplating a move for over a year.

“I was planning on doing this at the end of the year but I didn’t want to get out of law enforcement completely,” Brown said. “I wasn’t sure what I was going to do yet, but I was contacted by (Logan County Sheriff) Boyd (Hicks) and (sheriff-elect) Jason (Massey) last week — they knew I was probably going to be leaving as the chief anyway — and they asked if I would be interested in an investigator job at the sheriff’s department.”

After discussions with his family, Brown said, he made the decision to take the new job.

Brown’s last day at the BPD will be Friday, Aug. 24.

“I’ve still got to deal with the ongoing cases I’ve got but there’s a lot of administrative stuff I need to push along to take care of before I leave,” said Brown.

Brown said the decision also had nothing to do with him being shot in the line of duty.

“If it had anything to do with being shot I would be getting out of law enforcement completely,” Brown said. “That happened a year and four months ago.”

In addition to being shot, during his term as the chief with the BPD Brown has overseen the addition of student resource officers to the school district; has worked rape, shootings and virtually every type case an officer might encounter; and has overseen the revamping of the BPD vehicle fleet.