The Townhouse Association board of directors held their monthly voting meeting at 9:30 a.m. July 13 at the THA community center with a quorum of board members present.
Sandy Smith, treasurer, presented a motion for all financial records to be purged if they are over 10 years old and other documents be purged if older than six years. “This is the recommendation of our accounting firm and legal staff,” said Smith. Motion carried. Out of date documents will be shredded.
Richard Smith, president, offered updates on developments and purchases, including the purchase of 200 new trash cans to be put in corrals. In addition, all trash corrals will be freshly painted before winter.
Several pipe repairs have been made along with incoming bids on sprinkler systems and rock coverings.
A bicycle rack has been installed near the filled DeSoto pool as a convenience for students to place their bikes when being picked up by the school bus instead of piling bikes on the grounds.
Bob Cunningham, POA board member liaison, recapped the recent meeting covering a sewer connection to be given to Jessieville and Fountain Lake schools at their Alternative Education Facility. The schools will pay for installation and then be charged a monthly fee. Cunningham answered questions about the security gates and new information concerning the contractors not finishing the project. Cunningham said there are legal issues and answers will be forthcoming about a new contractor to install a system.
Gary Smith, standards and controls committee chairman said the 90-day collections are improving and THA continues to put liens on debtors properties.
Dennis King, financial committee chairman, encouraged owners in good standing return their ballots as soon as possible for ratification of the THA budget for 2019, 2020 and 2021.