Much of the July 16 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association’s recreation meeting was filled with a detailed look and discussion of the 2019 budget. Recreation director Stacy Hoover told committee members to give her their number one priority. Responses included a Kayak entry system, improvements at DeSoto Recreation Area, Casa de Carta carpet and tile, professional cleaning of the Porte Cochere, a DeSoto Park bathroom facility rebuild, new branded tents and a skid-steer loader which is a machine used every day for recreation maintenance.
Hoover also shared what department supervisors saw as priorities and asked the group to comment.
Some agreed with the priorities, some gave other opinions. These areas included marinas, tennis facilities, Coronado Community Center, fitness center and buildings and grounds.
Next the committee looked at the proposed fee schedule for 2019. Some fees showed an increase and some stayed the same so as to follow the department’s goal of keeping rates unchanged for two years.
Examples of increases: Balboa Pavilion up three percent from $121 for a half day to $124.63 and Grove Park up three percent for a half day from $75 to $77.25.
Examples of fees that stayed the same: dog park usage and Coronado Center room rentals.
Hoover said the big goal is to reduce subsidies and said she needed the committee to vote, so she could move ahead with revenue projections. The committee unanimously approved the information.
And, she gave them a task for the August meeting, that is, to come up with a list of events to consider for 2019.
Committee comments were favorable for the recently concluded Missoula Children’s performance, which Hoover said was a joint POA/Hot Springs Village Concerts Association venture. Overall, there were many positive comments about the Stars and Stripes Festival. About the fireworks, some loved it, some thought the display was too short and some thought the ending wasn’t as good as previous years.
Hoover’s director report also touched on many other recreation developments. Like Coronado Center closing between Aug. 11 and 18 for annual maintenance, a water leak repaired at the RV Park, replacing a light stand at Grove Park, two new ladders installed on the floating Lake Balboa swim dock and all trail signs being repainted and reinstalled.
As for projects, Hoover said the pickleball court construction continues with all electrical in place prior to slab completion. Plans are progressing for RV Park renovation as cost estimates are being finalized and space laid out.
Staff continues to work on the matrix for consideration regarding the base material for bocce ball courts, comparing initial costs and maintenance costs. As for the outdoor pool, the POA board unanimously approved at their June meeting, specifications and funding as identified in the project summary and authorized staff to obtain conceptual and engineering drawings and the development of a draft contract for Carrothers Construction that ensures approved features, maximum cost and desired terms and conditions. Hoover said the hope is to have all plans ready for the August board director meeting.
The meeting also included a short presentation by Rolland White about the focus of the POA’s board recruitment committee. White said there are two requirements to run for a board position: one needs to be a property owner and be in good standing with paying one’s bills, that’s it. The committee does not choose board candidates or vet them.
White said there will be meetings at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Dec 4 for anyone interested in attending. For more on the board recruitment committee see the GAC article in the July 10 Voice on page 7A.
This committee meets again at 3 p.m. Aug. 13, at Coronado Center.