A patrolling officer on Paso Way, where dumped trash has been a problem, did not find litter, but discovered two men with a vehicle that had reportedly been stolen in Garland County. One of the men was arrested on felony drug and theft charges.

July 11
After a report of a possibly intoxicated driver, an officer saw the car and followed it to the driver’s home, and saw nothing to indicate the driver had been drinking. The driver told police she went to a friend’s house in Mountain Pine, and her friend’s husband ordered everyone present to leave immediately. The man followed the Villager to the West Gate, and turned around because he does not have access, she said. The man was mad at her when she left and believes he is the one who reported errant driving.

July 12
After an officer found a red BMW 335 in a ditch on Pamplona Way at Brota Lane, a sergeant contacted the driver’s home, where she said she had swerved to miss a deer. She was told to come to the wreck site. Village Wrecker pulled the car out, and released it to the driver’s husband. The driver received a Saline County citation for leaving the scene of an accident. Damage: $2,500.
After a Grove Park patron told police someone was gathering signatures at the park for a petition on a casino, an officer drove to the park and saw no issues, and no complainant flagged him down. He spoke with a POA park manager, and found no law or policy being broken by asking people to sign a petition, as long as they do not go door to door or harass anyone.
A patrolling officer on Paso Way was looking for dumped trash at 9:23 a.m., but instead found a white male with a black garbage bag and a hoe. The man said he was hiking from the woods from Highway 7 and did not realize he had entered Village property. He said he was picking up trash, and was allowed to head back to Highway 7. About 100 yards down Paso Way the officer saw a white Chevrolet Suburban, with two men standing beside it. One man said he had a day pass and was waiting on a friend who lost a dog. He said the man down the road might have been his friend. But he could not explain why the man had been walking away. The officer noticed the man, Robert G. Helms Jr., had a plastic baggy hanging out of his boot with what appeared to be syringes. Helms said he had borrowed the truck and had had found the syringes in the truck. He denied having any other syringes, but after being patted down the officer discovered a syringe in his pocket and a bag with a clear crystal substance that appeared to be methamphetamine. Helms was handcuffed, and a subsequent search of the truck revealed a glass smoking pipe and other items, including a large plastic bag filled with “moss,” the report said. A field test indicated the crystal-like substance was methamphetamine. The truck had a fictitious license plate, and the Suburban had been reported stolen. The men were taken to the police station and interviewed. The suspected meth weighed 0.3 gross grams. Helms, 45, Peaceful Place Road, Caddo Gap, was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and theft by receiving. The other man was released without charges.
Police received a report of deer hit two miles east of East Gate, with the deer lying in the middle of DeSoto Boulevard. Nothing was found.
Two small dogs, one brown and one white and brown, were found on Carlet Circle and taken to the animal shelter.
The driver of a red Chevrolet Avalanche partially blocking DeSoto near Emperado Way said he had stopped to remove a tree from the road. The 28-year-old man was cited for driving on a suspended license and no proof of insurance. The report said the officer noticed the smell of cannabis, which reportedly has a pungent odor, and the vehicle was searched. Nothing was found in the truck, but a glass marijuana pipe was taken from a passenger and destroyed. The driver also received a court date for a Van Buren County warrant.
A small brown dog found on Cadiz Lane was taken to the animal shelter

July 13
A white Ford SUV with Missouri plates stopped at the West Gate, then entered without permission.
An Elcano Drive resident told an officer he would turn the music down, and said there would not be any more problems.
Four gunshots in a row in the area of Santa Maria Lane or the back side of Pego Circle were followed by a pause and one more shot.

July 14
An officer moved a small tree blocking Patacon Way.
After a report of loud talking on Elcano Drive, a man said the group would not talk as loud.
A complainant said a tenant took a number of items from an Aspe Way home.
An officer assisted Garland County Sheriff’s Department on Warren Watson Road, where a 15-year-old girl reportedly tried to set an older relative on fire. There were no injuries, and the girl was taken into custody.
After a speeding 1999 Dodge pickup was stopped, the driver was cited for fictitious tags, and the license plate was seized.

July 15
A POA employee fell off a wall at the Cedar Creek treatment plant and was taken to a hospital by ambulance. Injuries did not appear to be life threatening.
Four uniformed U.S. Army personnel were given a day pass to look for an AWOL soldier. They were going to ask the soldier to return voluntarily, and otherwise would obtain a warrant.
A Silla Lane homeowner received a written warning for violating the Garland County burn ban. He said he was unaware of the burn ban and extinguished the fire-pit blaze. The fire department told him the pit was out of compliance with Village policy.
A barefoot Texas man sitting on the ground between Highway 7 and Shiloh Cemetery told an officer he was walking north and going where the good Lord led him to walk. John Kenneth Bible picked up his cup of ice water and then started walking north.
After a 2016 Dodge Challenger was stopped for speeding on DeSoto Boulevard at Pizzaro Drive, the 38-year-old was cited for driving on a suspended license and was picked up on two Garland County failure-to-appear warrants for misdemeanor traffic citations.
An officer went to Lopez Circle after a 911 hang-up call, where a 2-year-old grandson had dialed the phone while playing.

July 16
A Villager received three scam calls about receiving a free back brace. The callers already had her personal information.
A caregiver said someone ripped a car door handle nearly off her patient’s car while it was parked at Good Samaritan Society.
A black Dodge with Illinois plates reportedly tailgated in Glazier Peau Gate.
Patrolling officers saw two loose dogs on Durango Way. Both appeared to be pit-bull terriers. One was white and brown. The other was solid black.
Gunshots were reportedly heard in the Rabano Circle area.

July 17
A caller told police he had heard a loud noise, possibly a wreck, in the vicinity of Balboa Road and DeSoto Boulevard. Nothing suspicious was found.
Two officers took custody of an injured dog from a Rockdale Road home in Fountain Lake. A vehicle hit the dog on Highway 7 around June 7, and it suffered a broken front leg and a broken pelvis. The owner earlier turned down an offer to have a leg amputed, and she could not afford the $3,000 surgery for the pelvis. The owner was charged with animal cruelty. Her home had no electricity, the report said.
A 17-foot Crewman aluminum canoe reportedly was stolen from a home beside DeSoto Beach, apparently on the Independence Day weekend. Loss: $500.
An officer and Garland County detective attempted to serve a warrant on Coronado Trace.

July 18

An officer kept the peace on Porrino Lane while an estranged wife removed some of her belongings.
In separate incidents, a silver Ford F-150 and a maroon Honda Accord entered the West Gate without authorization.
A white Volvo reportedly tailgated in Balboa Gate.
An officer went to a Cuerda Way home after a 911 hang-up call, and to an unrelated 911 hang-up call on Opalo Place.
Two small children were reportedly unattended in a small raft on Lake DeSoto.
Neighbors reportedly had a verbal argument on Frontera Circle after a landscaping company apparently blew leaves into another yard.