Diamante Country Club celebrated two sold-out nights previewing an original television program, written, produced and directed by member Faith Heinrichs.
Heinrichs embraced the humorous story lines of the celebrated television comedies “Hollywood Squares” and “Laugh In,” tailoring her 30-minute program to fit Hot Springs Village residents, Diamante members, who brought classic character actors back to life.
Working not only from the video but also inside the live audience were Jackie Paul (as Cher), Linda Thomas (as Dolly Parton), Jeanne Ballard (as Lilly Tomlin), BJ Conner (as Lucille Ball), Carolyn Bowers (as Ruth Buzzi playing Gladys Ormsby), Donna Lund (as Elizabeth Taylor), Sandy Carlson (as Zsa Zsa Gabor), Cle Riorden (as Phyllis Diller), and Patricia Hannard (as Carol Burnett playing Miss Wiggins).
The nine squares were shot as individual movies and programmed to run as a group. Using Final Cut Pro X software, the same most movie editors use, Heinrichs surrounded the squares with the original backdrop staging.
“Making this movie with nine individual videos running simultaneously on the screen was a technological challenge which involved creating and editing 28 layers working at once, but I enjoyed solving this puzzle.
“Nine Diamante ladies did an excellent job in emulating and bringing to life the characteristics and comedy of the celebrities they represented,” said Heinrichs.
The audience laughed and cheered throughout the video and hugged their “local stars.”
If you want to join in the fun and get more information about social events at Diamante, call 922-1114.