The Honorable Judge E. Dion Wilson reaffirmed his ruling from last Tuesday, when today, Tuesday, July 24, 2018 he declared that the power of the people was most important. He declared that the 62 percent of the vote in favor of reducing the Helena-West Helena City Council from Five Wards to Three Wards, 10 members to six members must go forward.

The City asked for a stay of that ruling. That stay would have put the Judge’s ruling on hold, while the City appealed it.

Judge Wilson denied the stay, saying that the will of the people must go forward.

The City offered testimony that it would be difficult to comply with this Order. Judge Wilson told the City and the County Clerk, it might be difficult, but to get it done.

The County Clerk, who was present, said that she has never failed to comply with a Court Order and that she would make all efforts to get it done, once she gets a map.

Judge Wilson ordered the City of Helena-West Helena to adopt a map by August 7, 2018. The City Council meets August 7.

A hearing will be held on August 14, 2018. To determine whether the City has complied with the Judge’s Order.

Judge Wilson has confirmed his ruling, that the vote of the people, and the will of the people must go forward in Helena-West Helena and a Three-Ward map must be adopted by August 7, 2018 in time for the election that is going to take place in November, 2018