The Hot Springs Village Property Owners' Association architectural control committee has instituted its new policy of meeting on the first and third Monday and Thursday of each month. Both sessions addressed the subject of easements with Thursday’s assembly becoming a lesson in mediation.
ACC chair John Froning led Monday’s gathering and Thursday, vice chair Art Oden presided in Froning’s absence. The POA property owner’s board appointed George Parker to the ACC as its newest member.
In Monday’s meeting, a residence at 97 Murillo Way generated heavy conversation.
Two commercial sized vans and a minivan remain parked in front of the home and secondly, a handicapped ramp was installed without permit. HSV covenants prohibit both offenses. A permit for the ramp is believed to be in process so action was postponed until Thursday.
Thursday’s meeting drew a crowd of concerned neighbors concerning 97 Murillo Way.
Oden acted as mediator between neighbors and Jan Duff who rents the house.
Duff explained to the ACC, her father is physically challenged and she and three other family members live in the home together. Duff told how their Realtor said their van was acceptable and a ramp could be erected if it remained detached from the house. “We would never have moved in here if we had known all this before we moved,” Duff declared.
Duff stated the vans were used in the family’s car parts supply business and not all the vehicles are handicapped accessible.
Oden advised the guests and Duff the ACC would take the matter into advisement. The request was turned over to HSV legal consultants for review.
The week’s two regular business meetings contained the following agenda items. To requests were dismissed as maintenance matters and required no permits, one at 4 Adoracion Way and 32 San Clemente Circle, refunds are forthcoming.
Projects at 56 Hartura and another at 3 Bajada Place are on hold for revised drawings.
New homes at 29 Coraza Circle and 15 Utrera Way met HSV standards bringing the year’s total to 41 new houses.
Four requests for decks/deck additions or improvements, five landscaping plans, a seawall, five docks/or additions and tree cutting at 320 Maderas Drive received permits.
Stephanie Heffer’s staff liaison report contained four primary points, the first is a fast approaching deadline for budget recommendations due by the end of July. She asked the ACC to consider meeting to review the current fee schedule and make any needed changes. Secondly, she notified the panel, the revised permit applications which refer back to the covenants are uploaded and available on the website. The third mention concerns the Balboa Club House and golf course. An open house is being arranged
sometime during the first two weeks of August. The POA invites the public to walk through the building in order to receive their input and ideas regarding the building. Gary Myers and his agronomy team plan to give tours of the golf course and help provide assistance.
Finally, Heffer mentioned how the POA was still working through the process of easements with Cooper. She remains in communication with Cooper acting as an intermediary on easement issues.
The Hot Springs Village architectural control committee meets the first and third Monday and Thursday of each month at 8:30 a.m. in the Coronado Community Center