Enforcement Agents visit 740 locations throughout the state.

Arkansas’ Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Enforcement Division, an agency of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, conducted “Operation Check-In” over the past weekend. Through this operation, ABC’s 18 enforcement agents completed more than 740 checks throughout the state on locations that hold an alcohol permit. Agents’ visits ranged from liquor stores and private clubs to bars and convenience stores.  Through these checks, a total of 289 tickets were issued for violations, 142 for selling alcohol to minors along with 147 for various other violations. 

“Our agents covered a lot of ground over a short period, providing a strong reminder that non-compliance is not tolerated,” said Boyce Hamlet, Director of ABC’s Enforcement Division. “When someone sells to a minor or over serves, it becomes a public safety issue and it is our responsibility to ensure this behavior is detected and discontinued.”

Each of ABC’s 18 agents oversees a region on the state. Through “Operation Check-In,” ABC worked closely with local law enforcement organizations to investigate any violations at the 740 locations.

While this weekend’s operation was a coordinated effort that was carefully planned, each ABC agent conducts numerous permit checks on a daily basis, with more than 5,000 active alcohol permits in Arkansas.

Arkansans may report a potential violation by contacting ABC Enforcement at 501-682-8174 or email ABCEnforcement@dfa.arkansas.gov.