The ARKANSAS LEADER  Session XXVII (27), a program jointly sponsored by the Criminal Justice Institute and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The program was designed to equip law enforcement executives with the training in challenges of leadership, development of the individual and agency, and enhancing community relationships.
Chief Smith was among forty (40) law enforcement executives, FBI agents and Sheriffs in the State of Arkansas and surrounding states. Chief Smith states “ This school really challenged me as a leader and a servant to our community. I was able to reflect on the challenges our community has and develop a line of network with law enforcement executives, who are paving the future for communities all over the nation.”  
Nationally selected law enforcement executives are selected to ensure they are informed not only of practical procedures for managing their agency or department, but also of the latest trends, technology, and problem impacting our community.
ARKANSAS LEADER, has been designated a Command College of the FBI. Participation in the program is by invitation only. The Institute has elected to include law enforcement executives from neighboring states and the FBI for it is believed this will enhance learning experiences and the education process.