GREENBRIER -- After shutting its doors for renovations, the Greenbrier Senior Citizens Center will reopen Monday morning.

Last year, Greenbrier officials obtained a $200,000 grant through the Arkansas Economic Development Commission for much-needed renovations to the highly-used facility.

Months of work are now complete and local seniors were able to give their feedback following a walk-through of the building Thursday evening.

The consensus was: "Everything looks great, and we love it."

LifeSong Baptist Church members have donated their fellowship halls to the local seniors over the past few months as contractors have worked on renovating the senior center. Mayor Sammy Joe Hartwick said that while he is thankful for all the LifeSong churchgoers have done, he can now say their services are no longer needed as the center reopens officially on Monday.

Located at 21 N. Broadview St., the Greenbrier Senior Citizens Center serves about 50 local seniors each day. Along with feeding each of these local faces lunch, staff members cook meals that are delivered to the Twin Groves senior center and also cook and deliver meals for about 40 residents that are part of the Meals on Wheels program in the community.

Right off the bat, those entering the building can immediately see improvements to the building.

The entrance now meets Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, featuring electric, push-to-open ADA-compliant doors.

Other renovations include upgrades to the roofing, flooring and air conditioning at the facility.

"This has been a real good project," Hartwick said, noting "the contractors did a great job getting everything done."

Those who worked closely with the city on the project — Faulkner County Council on Aging Executive Director Debra Robinson, Cromwell Architects Principal Daryl Davis and Conya Spencer with the Central Arkansas Planning and Development District — said Hartwick was instrumental in ensuring the grant monies were well-spent on creating renovations that would best suit the community's elderly.

"The mayor worked hard to make sure the funds were best utilized," Davis said. "This [building] was designed and built for the customers here."

Robinson said she was grateful for the work put into this project, noting having a usable facility like this means more to the residents that use it than the rest of the community realizes.

"A lot of people tell me that this place, [and] our other seniors, gives them a reason to get up in the morning," she said. "It gives them a reason to want to get up and have fellowship with their friends."

Activities available to the seniors include game nights, cooked meals, fellowship with friends and local speakers.

Local seniors thanked and gave a round of applause for all who worked to make these renovations to the center possible.