Arkansas State Police are revving up their Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign in preparation for the Fourth of July.

Arkansas State Police Public Information Officer Elizabeth Chapman said that beginning June 28, there would be special saturations and checkpoints, which will last through July 9. She said they refer to this as the holiday period.

“The Fourth of July is the deadliest holiday on the highway in the United States,” Chapman said.

Chapman also said that they campaign has had a positive effect, helping reduce the number of drunk driving deaths. “Anytime that you have a plethora of officers and law enforcement agencies working together to do these saturation patrols, it’s going to make more arrests of drunk driving and that in turn will keep more people safe,” she said.

“The biggest thing is it’s just such a safety issue for everyone else,” Chapman said. “I’ve always said that drunk driving is one of the most selfish things you can do.” Chapman said that while a person may think they are okay to drive, everyone around them could be affected by their decision to get behind the wheel.

Chapman stressed that it is important to plan ahead. “If you think you’re going to drink, if you even think it’s an option, make sure you have a plan before you leave the house,” she said.

Chapman also said that if someone sees a drunk person that is planning on driving, take their keys. She said she would rather a friend be mad at her for taking their keys than for them to be involved in an accident.