On Governor Hutchinson’s recently appointed School Safety Commission

Ask most teachers, bullets aren’t what teachers use to save children. As a public high school teacher, I find it outrageous this school safety commission is recommending arming teachers and staff. Not only because placing more guns in our school increases the risk of gun violence, but because Governor Hutchinson’s newly appointed commission refuses to look at proactive solutions.

Proactive policies like Red Flag Laws, which would give law enforcement and families the ability to remove firearms from those showing dangerous behavior. Or safe storage laws, that would keep kids from being able to access loaded unsecured guns in their homes. These laws could prevent school shootings like what we have seen this year in Parkland and Santa Fe.

Groups like Moms Demand Action are supporting these common sense policies, but we need your help. Use your voice, join the movement, and make sure you let Governor Hutchinson and the school safety commission know, arming our teachers is not an option.

— Mika Bishop

On national debt

So you like numbers? Here are some good ones to absorb: Our beloved USA is now 21.178 trillion dollars in debt.

This figure grows larger by 1 million dollars every 46 seconds. The national debt is currently (first week in june) $64,594 for each citizen. If you are a family of four, this comes to $258,376.

Could you pay your share if someone demanded you to do so?

Each responsible citizen would like to be able to pay up, since being "paid up" is exactly why they are called a responsible citizen.

Our debt to GDP ratio is 105.54% with GDP defined as the total price of all services and products that transpire each year in this country.

When will this debt become a problem we must face? It will become a problem as soon as our debtors holding our paper money demand we pay up. If possible, visit with some of your international friends about debt. Preferably someone from Greece.

— Rob Beasley, Conway

On the Haspel Promotion

Our grandfather's fought and died to protect the world from people like Gina Haspel.

On May 16, 2018 Haspel was confirmed by the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee to be the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Unfortunately, Haspel has a reputation for participating in human toture. Her activities in places such as Detention Site Green in Thailand reveal that Haspel has made the poor decision to participate in human torture over and over.

One can only feel sorry for the last of the Greatest Generation, who will soon leave this world knowing that our leaders, our soldiers and our citizens are now seen by the world as human torturers.

Senator John McCain, Vietnam War veteran, is dying from brain cancer and probably feels even worse knowing that the cleverest human torturer is now being promoted, and the need to protect America from human torturers is no longer necessary. America has been taken over by human torturers. Why fight it?

The problem is not that we have forgotten the lessons we learned at Geneva and Nuremberg. The problem is we no longer possess the national character to value and appreciate international law. The various Geneva conventions taught us not to torture, and the trials at Nuremberg taught us that we will be punished for allowing human torture.

Haspel should be punished, not promoted.

— Gene Mason, Jacksonville