Centerville News
By Jennifer Freeman

The Centerville School Reunion is fast approaching and will be here before we know it. The reunion is planned for Saturday, June 30, at the Church, starting at 10 a.m. The format is to meet, talk a while, and then have lunch provided by the Church. Even if you did not attend Centerville School but you have interest in attending the reunion, you are welcome to come out and listen to the stories.

Former students, their families, and their guests are urged to make their ways again to this northern Faulkner County community. The Church is adjacent to the old school grounds where the home economics building, the storm house, and the pump house still stand. From such a vantage point, memories of teachers, games, classes, graduations, friendships, and kindred events spring easily to mind.

Many church members have been out with vacations and several have just returned from cruises, as well as other events that keep folks away from home. Joseph Shaw was one of the fortunate ones who cruised for his senior trip and we commented last Sunday on how wonderful it is to return home. Vacation is great but home is greater. If you have news for the Centerville Community, please email me at

Guy News
By Brenda Dowdy

Please keep Theoda and Myra Griffith in your prayers. They are both sick. We love them both.

Happy birthday Dylan and Shane Hicks! I can’t believe how time flies. You're both in college and all grown up!

Congratulations, Anna Kennedy, on your new great grandson! Nothing like those grands! And I am sure those great grands are so special, too.

There is a lot of sickness in our community that need our prayers. Darrell and Bessie Bearden, Diane Remus, Clark and Linda Stevenson, Jeanie Glover, Ed Stephens, Jeanie Rorie and husband, Ann Mode and Jerry Bruce Rowlett. If you know of someone you would like to be on our prayer list, let me know. We all know prayer works!

The Bearden’s went on a short visit to Branson. I know Phoenix had a great time.

Let me know when VBS is at your church, so I can invite them to yours!

Landon Dowdy spent last week and went to Bible School at Sands Springs Missionary Baptist Church. He had a great time and he invited his friend Isaiah to come a couple of nights with him. They had a blast!

Have a great week. Stay cool and be sure to check on the elderly and your pets! Please send news to 450-0395.