Michael Boone welcomed the community to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Phillips County. The community gathered Sunday, May 20 from 2 - 4 p.m. to welcome Boone as the new Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Boone has been volunteering at the Boys and Girls clubs for about nine or 10 years. He has been employed at the facility for eight years. Just about every child in Helena-West Helena knows who Michael Boone is. “I just try to leave an impression on kids,” said Boone. “I had a pretty great life growing up here in Helena-West Helena and I wan to afford the same opportunities for kids here in the county.”

“Some things are already in place,” said Boone. “The Club is doing well, the kids are coming. Last year we had 750 members here. A lot of the times people associate the Club with being sports oriented, and that’s fine. I’m a sports guy. But, I wanted to focus on more on the academic side of the Club as well.”

“Anyway that we can help kids be prepared for graduation,” said Boone. “They’re either going into the military or into the job force or going on to other education like college or a certificate program. We just want to make sure they are ready, and that they graduate on time from high school.”

What sports does the Club offer for the boys and girls?

“We do basketball for the boys and girls,” said Boone. “Age range from six to 18. We are getting a new baseball field out back. So we will incorporate the baseball and softball and we have a multi purpose field, so hopefully we can play some soccer and some flag football or maybe some ultimate frisbee.”