As testing comes to an end and the close of the school-year is nearing, the Marvell-Elaine School District Board of Directors stand together in encouraging Marvell-Elaine School District students to continue working hard. Clyde Williams, MESD Board President says it is important our students, parents and community members know we are concerned and care about each student. It is equally as important that our students, parents and community members know we want to provide a stellar education for every student enrolled in the MESD.

The Marvell-Elaine School District is a public school system located in Phillips County which

includes Marvell-Elaine Elementary School which serves pre-K-6 grade, and Marvell-Elaine High School which serves 7-12. Beginning the 2018-2019 school-year, the schools will be referred to as two buildings, one school headed by one principal, Dr. Tommie Henderson. Previously the Elaine School District served the Elaine community and surrounding areas. On July 1, 2006, the Elaine School District merged into the Marvell School District and is now the Marvell-Elaine School District. The District is composed of the administration building, the elementary school and the high school. Marvell-Elaine School District covers 604.77 square miles.

The mission of the MESD reads: It is the mission of Marvell-Elaine Public Schools to equitably educate all students, to inspire all students to believe that learning is a lifelong process, and to foster good citizenship by providing each student with opportunities to develop skills for: (1) obtaining and utilizing information; (2) coping with the dynamics of society; (3) thinking, reasoning and problem solving; (4) developing creativity; and (5) positive human relationships in an environment conducive to learning.

MESD Board President Williams believes in and supports Public Education. Williams says public education is accessible to students in high poverty areas, like the Mississippi Delta, and is crucial to ensuring that education is available to all. MESD Board of Directors also recognizes that Public Education and teachers are the single biggest factor impacting the success of students everywhere. Board President Williams shows pride about the good job the MESD Faculty and staff is doing to provide an education for our students. “They embrace the mission with a mutual understanding of working for the best interest of all students enrolled in the Marvell-Elaine School District.”

MESD Board of Directors will continue doing everything possible to ensure every student enrolled in the District will be successful. According to Williams, the Board has to work with directors, administrators, employees and the community to make this a reality. Several projects have been approved by the Board to help move this agenda. These projects include: a School Based Health Center slated to open this August for the 2018-2019 school-year. Renovations will begin on the High School Gymnasium and the restructuring of the track around the football field will begin this summer which is slated for completion by the beginning of 2019-2020 school year.