All suspects charged with a crime and named in Police Reports in the Helena-West Helena World printed or online editions, are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

05/10/2018 Long, Brandon warrant, failure to stop at a stop sign, resisting arrest, fleeing, failure to comply with a lawful order, & reckless driving

05/10/2018 Carpenter, Jason Stuart warrant

05/11/2018 Willis, Jarrod disorderly conduct

05/11/2018 Morgan, Brandy warrant

05/11/2018 Grayson, Terekia warrant

05/11/2018 Turner, Gabrielle warrant

05/11/2018 Haymer, Marquette terroristic threatening in the 2nd degree, harassment, & harassing communications

05/11/2018 Scott, Ruby Christina theft of property

05/11/2018 Ivory, Allen warrant

05/11/2018 Clark, Ronnie Lee driver’s license suspended

05/12/2018 Mooney, Glendale warrant, & theft of property

05/13/2018 Wallace, Charmaine fictitious tags, driving on suspended license, & no insurance

05/13/2018 Henry, Mack public intoxication & disorderly conduct

05/14/2018 Jackson, William Turner theft of property & criminal trespass

05/15/2018 Mooney, Glendale theft of property & criminal trespass

05/15/2018 Willis, Gavonna disorderly conduct

05/16/2018 fleeing, failure to stop at a stop sign, wrong way on a one way road, fictitious tags, no insurance, warrant, failure to register vehicle, & dirving on a suspended license