The truck driver who died after crossing the I-40 median as well as killing two others, was on his first trip with the company.  

Arkansas interstates are lined with either cables, concrete or 60 feet of green space.

The hundreds of miles of barriers serve as protection, but in Tuesdays accident the Arkansas Department of Transportation says it may show evidence of something they've never seen before. 

According to Arkansas State Police, Jerry Stice, 64, was driving his truck eastbound near Carlisle when he crossed the median into a Fedex truck heading westbound. 

The crash killed Stice and the Fedex driver Jesus Escareno, 47,  and his passenger Mark Lynch, 55, in the other truck.  

In order for Stice to go into oncoming traffic, he had to pass the cable barriers in the median. ArDOT says the cables work best with passenger vehicles, but have proven to prevent wrecks with semi-trucks too. So what's different? 

ArDOT says the posts holding the cables are designed to give way when struck. 

The fatal crash bent the posts, indicating that if the truck did not go through the cable, the 80-thousand pound tractor trailer may have gone over it. 

As ASP continue to investigate, truck drivers will use this accident as a reminder of how dangerous their jobs can be.