West Helena Central High Junior High Boy’s track team finished third at the 4A Region 2 Jr. High Conference Track Meet held Wednesday, April 18.

Boys High Jump

4th Walker, Ahmad WEST HELENA 5-02.00

9th Heard, Shamarcus WEST HELENA 5-00.00

13th Redmon, Jeff WEST HELENA 4-10.00

13th Cole, Jakylan WEST HELENA 4-10.00

Boys Long Jump

8th Walker, Ahmad WEST HELENA 16-08.00

9th Heard, Shamarcus WEST HELENA 16-05.00

11th Williams, Nicholas WEST HELENA 16-02.00

19th Mattson, Casey WEST HELENA 13-11.00

Boys Triple Jump

1st Walker, Ahmad WEST HELENA 35-02.75

2nd Williams, Nicholas WEST HELENA 34-05.00

Boys Shot Put

1st Cole, Jakylan WEST HELENA 45-03.50

2nd Armstrong, Mahki WEST HELENA 44-10.00

5th Clark, Rodrick WEST HELENA 38-05.00

22nd Arnett, Keshawn WEST HELENA 23-06.00

Boys Discus Throw

6th Redmon, Jeff WEST HELENA 99-06

10th Walker, Ahmad WEST HELENA 87-03

11th Cole, Jakylan WEST HELENA 86-09

Boys 4x800 Meter Relay


1) Heard, Shamarcus 2) Dyer, Clayton  3) Greer, Devin 4) Stayten, Deigarion

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles

3rd Cole, Jakylan WEST HELENA 19.76

5th Mattson, Casey WEST HELENA 20.03

6th Boldien, Rance WEST HELENA 20.22

12th Redmon, Jeff WEST HELENA 21.56

Boys 100 Meter Dash

3rd Jones, Terrell WEST HELENA 11.92

13th Walker, Ahmad WEST HELENA 12.74

18th Redmon, Jeff WEST HELENA 13.09

22nd Williams, Nicholas WEST HELENA 13.42

Boys 1600 Meter Run

9th Greer, Devin WEST HELENA 5:37.68

15th Stayten, Deigarion WEST HELENA 6:06.29

17th Dyer, Clayton WEST HELENA 6:10.20

22nd Mattson, Casey WEST HELENA 6:29.27

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay


1) Walker, Ahmad 2) Jones, Terrell  3) Cole, Jakylan 4) Heard, Shamarcus

Boys 400 Meter Dash

3rd Heard, Shamarcus WEST HELENA 1:00.86

21st Boldien, Rance WEST HELENA 1:12.92

22nd Williams, Nicholas WEST HELENA 1:13.96

23rd Harrell, Daejahn WEST HELENA 1:19.71

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles

5th Cole, Jakylan WEST HELENA 52.56

9th Redmon, Jeff WEST HELENA 55.70

15th Harrell, Daejahn WEST HELENA 1:02.39

Boys 800 Meter Run

2nd Greer, Devin WEST HELENA 2:24.90  

13th Stayten, Deigarion WEST HELENA 2:32.00 2:45.02

20th Dyer, Clayton WEST HELENA 2:52.81

27th Mattson, Casey WEST HELENA 3:04.75

Boys 200 Meter Dash

2nd Jones, Terrell WEST HELENA 24.31

15th Redmon, Jeff WEST HELENA 28.24

20th Williams, Nicholas WEST HELENA 29.64

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay


1) Heard, Shamarcus 2) Stayten, Deigarion  3) Greer, Devin 4) Jones, Terrell


Boys - Team Rankings - 16 Events Scored

1) Lonoke High School 153 2) Stuttgart High School 146 3) West Helena Central High 118 4) Heber Springs High 75

5) Southside-Batesville 41 6) The Baptist Preparatory 40 7) Central Arkansas Christian 22 8) Riverview High School 14