Joey L. Patrick, a 1983 graduate of Central High School in West Helena, son of Bobbie J. Burnside of Conway, formerly of West Helena and the grandson of the late Naomi S. Patrick of Popular Grove, retired March 29, 2018 as Senior Deputy assigned to the Santa Barbara County Superior Court.

Before Patrick began his 30-year law enforcement career, he served in the United States Air Force from 1983-1987. He was a police officer in the Air Force as well. After four years in the military, Patrick applied  to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office in 1988 where he was accepted into their ranks and assigned to the Custody Division.

After four years in the Custody Division, he attended the Police Academy at Allen Handcock College. Over the next six years, Patrick worked various assignments in Patrol, including Isla Vista, Goleta, Santa Ynez, Sovang, Buellton and Carpinteria.

Patrick then joined the Special Operations Division, where he served as a gang investigator for three years, while teaching at Allan Handcock College Police Academy on his days off. During that time, he also assisted in the Narcotics Division and Vice Intelligence.

Patrick was assigned to the Santa Barbara Superior Court early in 2000, first working as a Bailiff to the Honorable James W. Brown for four years before being promoted in 2005 to Senior Deputy.

While in high School, Patrick’s interest in law enforcement began. He wanted to help the consistently disadvantaged primarily women and children. His mother was a huge influence in his decision to follow the law enforcement route.

For his retirement, Patrick intends to travel internationally for six or eight months visiting Australia, Germany, Mexico, Canada and Nicaragua.

He intends to continue his passion for music, which began when he was 12-years-old, playing piano and keyboards. And he plans to continue playing golf, tennis and motorcycle riding.

“I’ve had a very rewarding career, and I’ve really enjoyed my time serving the community, particularly interacting with the people whose paths crossed mine,” said Patrick. He said he will miss the people most, this with whom he worked, interacted with and saw daily.

“The key,” stated Patrick, “is to treat people with respect.”