The Helena-West Helena Kiwanis Club recognized Helena-West Helena Police Officer Williester Black as the

Kiwanis President Lynn Chadwick turned the floor over to Major Van of the Helena-West Helena Police Department to introduced the Officer of the Month.

“Today, I want to present to you Officer Williester Black,” said Van. “He is a person of service, currently serving in the National Guard and a good asset to our team. I did not know what I was going to say about him today. But I want to let all of you know, today, Officer Black is late because we had a call of a young man wearing a bullet proof vest, armed with an assault riffle and a handgun.”

“Officer Black received the information, got out there and found this guy,” said Van. “It resulted in a chase. But he caught the guy. These shootings we’ve been having from the weekend until last night, I think they will calm down now, because this guy is off the street. He doesn’t have that assault rifle anymore. Thanks to this man and his service, Officer Black, we have him in custody now.”

“We want to present to you this certificate as our Officer of the Month,” said Chadwick. “It’s very special saying you are doing a very good job and we appreciate you. September the 9th, you will be invited back to join us over at Saint Mary’s Church. We will have a reception for everyone that we recognize throughout the year. At that time we will be selecting an Officer of the Year out of the group that we have.”

“Thank everyone for the recognition, I appreciate it. It means a lot,” said Officer Black.

“What made you decide to become a police officer?” asked Chadwick. “You’re in the Cadet program I see.

“I graduated high school at Marvell and went straight into the service,” said Black. “Being in the military I have a lot of law enforcement friends. It’s a way of giving back, giving back to the community. I try to be a community person.”

“I graduated college last May with a Criminal Justice degree,” said Black. “So, I wanted to do something to get started in law enforcement.”

“I’m from Marvell, but I actually live in Jonesboro,” said Black. “I travel, I come here to work as a way to give back to the community.”

“We appreciate you very much,” said Chadwick.

Black is in the National Guard out of Benton, Arkansas. “My wife is on the medical side,” said Black. “She is a medical administrator.”

Adrian Messina asked Officer Black if the man he apprehended was a local man from Phillips County or was he from another state? “He’s from here,” said Black. “He’s a local from Helena-West Helena. We don’t know his intent. Yesterday we had a call involving kids. His name was mentioned in that one, as well as last night. It was a short chase, but I’m glad he was apprehended and in custody at this time.”