All suspects and subjects of postings are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law or administrative action; and any and crimes are alleged until a court of regulatory agency finds otherwise.

Arrest Records for 04/05/2018 - 04/11/2018

04/05/2018 2 juveniles were charged with disorderly conduct, interference with a law enforcement officer, 2nd degree battery, and resisting arrest.

04/05/2018 Williams, Jasmine-disorderly conduct, interference with law enforcement officer, 2nd degree battery, & resisting arrest

04/06/2018 Butler, Kelso Donnell Criminal trespass

04/06/2018 Bowers, Krystal Driving on suspended license & no seat belt

04/06/2018 Calvin, Kierra Expired tags, driving on suspended license, & no insurance

04/07/2018 Whitfield, Rossevelt Possession of SCH IV or LT 28GM & possessing instruments of crime

04/07/2018 Sanders, Erica Jean Driving on suspended license & failure to stop at a stop sign

04/07/2018 Blair, Latasha Criminal trespass & theft of $1000 or less

04/07/2018Franklin, Felicia Criminal trespass & theft of $1000 or less

04/07/2018 Jordan, Matthew Driving on suspended license

04/07/2018 Craddock, Troy Robbery

04/07/2018 Deiss, Johnny Charles Public intoxication & criminal trespass

04/08/2018 Calvin, Keeton 3rd degree domestic battering

04/08/2018 Boose, Jarell Warrant

04/09/2018 Dismuke, John Sexual assault in the 4th degree

04/09/2018 Davis, Shasta S Disorderly conduct, failure to comply with lawful order, & criminal trespass

04/10/2018 North, Elgin Failure to stop at a stop sign & driving on suspended license

04/10/2018 Wilburn, Christopher 2 charges of Domestic battering in the 3rd degree, false imprisonment, kidnapping, terroristic threatening in the 2nd degree, & terroristic acts

04/10/2018 Nealy, Roger 3rd degree domestic battering

04/10/2018 Nealy, Ira 3rd degree domestic battering

04/10/2018 Phillips, Richard Paul Warrant

04/11/2018 Collier, Benzen Driving on suspended license

04/11/2018 Frazier, Christopher Ryann Disorderly conduct, fleeing, 2 charges of endangering welfare of a minor, & criminal mischief in the 2nd degree