Arkansas corn producers intend to plant 650,000 acres, up five percent from the 620,000 acres planted in 2017.

All cotton acreage intentions are at 480,000 acres, up eight percent from 445,000 acres planted last year.

All hay acres expected to be harvested in Arkansas are estimated at 1.18 million acres, up 17,000 acres from 2017.

Oats produced intend to plant 12,000 acres in 2018, up nine percent from last year.

Arkansas peanut production intend to plant 30,000 acres in 2018, unchanged from last year.

All rice intended planted acres for 2018, are 1.33 million acres, up 15 percent from the 1.16 million acres planted in 2017. Long grain rice acres are up 155,000 acres from last year, while medium grain acres are up 15,000 acres from a year ago.

Sorghum producers intend to plant 15,000 acres, up 67 percent from the 2017 record low.

Soybeans producers intend to plant 3.60 million acres in 2018, up two percent from last year. If realized, this will be the highest planted acres since 1997, when the state planted 3.65 million acres.

All wheat acreage in Arkansas is down 10 percent from last year to an estimated 180,000 acres planted for all purposes in 2018. If realized, this will be the lowest acres since 1962.