I once went on a fishing trip with two people who are very close to me. I will not mention their names.

The three of us climbed into a 16 foot flat bottomed boat to fish a lake on the western side of Arkansas at daylight one summer morning. With no boat motor, we paddled all over the lake in pursuit of catching something more than a sun burn.

The elder of the threesome began to tell us stories, while he cast his lure. He was using one of my river lures I used to fish for stripers on the Arkansas River. It was a large plastic shad, much too large for the little lake we were on.

Soon, during a good story, I heard his line snap as he cast my lure. As I looked that way, I saw my lure sailing high past the bank, over the trees lining the water’s edge and disappear into the brush. The fact that the line had broken and the lure was gone did not slow the story down, in fact, he kept reeling and telling stories, even though there was no line to reel in, to our amusement.

I finally caught about a two-pound bass and put it on my stringer and tossed it over the side of the boat. The story teller had restrung his fishing line and attached a spinner bait and was tossing it all around. He made one cast down the side of the boat and as he was reeling it in, a fish took the bait. As he reeled in the fish, we realized it was the bass already on the stringer that he had caught.

As the day wore on, the circus continued and the sun began to bear down on us.

We finally decided it was just too hot to stay out on the water. We were across the lake from our truck and trailer, so we decided to see how fast we could get going paddling the boat. We really got it going and even developed a wake behind the boat.

The youngest fisherman, got on his knees in the front of the square nosed boat and was paddling as hard as he could go, while I was paddling from the middle of the boat trying to keep up. The elder of the group had his fishing lure in the water, trolling and telling more stories as we cruised across the lake.

All of a sudden the younger fisherman up front accidentally hooked his paddle on the corner of the square nosed boat and yanked himself over the front. The last thing I saw was the soles of his shoes as he went head first overboard. Then I could hear him scrapping on the bottom of the boat as we passed over him. He came up, beside the boat laughing so hard it took a minute or two to get him back aboard.

While this was going on, there were other boats in the area, with fishermen watching us, and laughing uncontrollably with us.

The younger fisherman stood up in our boat, soaking wet and decided he was going to turn his blue jeans into shorts, while wearing them. He took his pocket knife and began to cut the legs off his jeans. When he got to the big seam inside the pant leg, he stated he was not going to do any cutting in that area. So he grabs a hold of the almost cut off jean legs and pulls as hard as he can to tear them the rest of the way off.

We heard this tearing sound, followed by a roar of laughter from the other boats as our younger fisherman ripped away the pants legs. Only not only did he tear off the pants legs but the entire crotch area, zipper and all came with it. There he stood, still soaking wet, wearing a blue jean skirt. We laughed until we cried.

We didn’t catch very many fish that day, but it was a fishing day we nor those who watched will ever forget.