Helena-West Helena Cpl. Phillip Keys was dispatched to 815 East Cleburne in response to an alarm call and shots fired.

Cpl. Phillips arrived on the scene and spoke to Arkansas Constable James Jones. Jones stated he had received an alarm call at his building. Jones told Cpl. Phillips he entered the building a saw a black male coming out of one of the classrooms.

Jones stated he drew his firearm and asked the man to get on the ground. According to Jones, he fired a warning shot, and the male started coming toward him with something in his hand. Constable Jones stated he then fired his weapon at the male.

The male  ran, jumped the fence and ran away. The suspect was not hit by the shots.

A cell phone was found inside the links of the fence, and a pair of black and gray cutters were found on the ground inside the fence.

Evidence was collected by Tech Mills and Detective Nelson will be conducting a criminal investigation.