It’s Easter. Easter parades have faded away, fewer little girls wear lacey socks with shiny shoes and women rarely wear hats to church on Sunday morning. One Easter tradition – the Easter egg hunt – remains the same, or does it? Consider the spin put on an old tradition by the Coronado Fitness Center manager Deb Johnson who recently hosted the first “Underwater Easter Egg Hunt.”
“We’re using 600 eggs. Some eggs are floating on the water while others have been sunk to the bottom. There are three age groups: 6 and under, 7 to 11 and ages 12 and over. We’re raffling off a week of free swim lessons,” Johnson says.
Lifeguards Jake Carter, Aaron Combs and Tristin Hutchinson, under guidance of the Easter Bunny (Connie Weidert) assumed the responsibility of egg placement while volunteers met and greeted the children, their parents and grandparents.
“I’m hopeful this is the first of many such egg hunts to come,” Johnson said as she hustles off to attend to other details.