The recent production of Mary Poppins showed us once again that there is a plethora of musical talent in Phillips County! Helena Little Theatre and Phillips Community College of UA joined forces to present the production. Under the direction of Kirk Whiteside, this production celebrated Whiteside’s 30th year as artistic director.

The show combined the talents of HLT veterans with performers who are relatively new to the Lily Peter stage. Taking the lead were the extremely talented Elizabeth Garcia, KIPP Delta music instructor, as Mary Poppins, and Jason Jaco, a familiar face, as Bert the chimney sweep. Two of the youngest stars were Emily Saia and Ethan Phillips, already seasoned performers who portrayed the children of the Banks family, Jane and Michael.

Technically one of the most difficult shows that HLT/PCCUA has presented, the sight of Mary Poppins flying through the air was awe inspiring. Several of the performers played multiple roles, making costume changes challenging. The beautiful sets and costumes certainly enhanced the quality of the production.

This outstanding production proved that along with the Warfield Concert series, the Marvell Civic Club, and others, Phillips County has many cultural offerings for local citizens and visitors alike.
Bravo to the cast and crew of Mary Poppins!